Individual Psychotherapy Psychological Assessment Psycho-educational Assessment
  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Individualized and collaborative treatment model that takes into account each client’s unique needs to assist with increasing positive outcomes for mental health and wellbeing.  Reasons to consider mental health treatment include, but are not limited to, improving mood; decreasing uncomfortable psychological symptoms, such as anxiety or intrusive thoughts; phobias; anger management; increase healthy coping skills; processing and healing from a new or long-standing trauma; experiencing a significant life change or transition; new diagnosis of a mental health disorder; chronic illness; chronic pain; grief/loss; relationship issues; sleep difficulties; difficulty concentrating; reduced function in activities of daily living; your actions are impacting people around you; family of origin issues; to improve communication skills; create and work towards life goals; or you just feel like you can use a little help in your life.

  • Psychodiagnostic Assessment

    Assessment of psychological and psychiatric mental health disorders that may be negatively impacting a person’s life and activities of daily living.  Reasons for such assessments include diagnostic clarity, to guide treatment plans, and to determine eligibility for services, supports, or accommodations.  Recommendations, referrals, and resources are provided, as applicable.

  • Psychological / Psychoeducational Assessment

    Assessment of individualized learning styles, needs, and strengths in order to better assist with academic and/or occupational functioning and success.  Reasons for such assessments include queries for learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, mental health, and/or behaviour concerns.  Areas assessed include cognitive, academic/functional work skills, memory, executive functions, attention/concentration, visual-motor, and social-emotional.  Recommendations, referrals, and resources are provided, as applicable.  If Autism Spectrum Disorder is suspected, additional testing may be required.

  • Gifted Assessment

    Assessment of intellectual functioning for all ages.  Most commonly, individuals seeking a gifted assessment want to clarify whether their child meets a school board’s criteria to access gifted programming.  In situations where there is a concern about a learning difficulty, ADHD, mental health, or behaviour that may be hindering a child’s academic success despite high intellectual capacity, it may be recommended to consider a full psychological assessment.